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The Caturday Cafe was unbelievably fun and enjoyable. I’m writing this post for anyone who might be interested in coming to this cafe, or just to see how most cat cafe places work. When you first arrive, there is a hostess at the door to answer questions, and assist you to a table. Know that cat cafes’ are pretty popular among foreigners, so there might be a wait. Also if there are a lot of people waiting to come in after you, the host did tell us that your time will be limited to an hour after getting food/drinks. So at this cafe, before you enter the cafe there is a screen patio room where you must take off your shoes, as well as wash your hands. This is most likely just for sanitary purposes. You must also read and agree to the rules the cafe has set. The most basic rules are do not disturb sleeping cats, and do not hold them or pick them up. Another rule they have is they are NOT responsible if a cat starts to eat or touch your food. (One of the cats almost got at my chocolate cake when I wasn’t looking haha). But most of the rules are pretty self explanatory. Once we were seated they gave us the menu.  (I will post the full menu on here.) You DO have to order food or a drink when you go here. We weren’t very hungry so we got cheese balls, and a piece of chocolate cake. I ordered cheese balls thinking they would be the same as in the U.S…. I was disappointed haha. Instead of filling it with normal cheese, Poom and I think they used cream cheese, so it was sweet. On the other hand the cake was amazing!! Another thing you can order while you are here is cat treats! They will bring it out to you and show you how to feed the cats. Many of them will rush to you to get food. (This is one of the best way to get great pictures.) The cats here are extremely people and kid friendly. And the employees here are very attentive to both the people and cats. Most of the tables at this cafe are about a half meter off the ground, and you sit on pillows on the ground for easy access to cats. They also have regular tables for those who wish to sit at them. There is also a little shop at the front where you can buy cute cat things, like phone cases, key chains, Polaroid pictures- they can take them for you and you pay for it, and also a lot more! We were also able to take our food to go, for those who want to do take out. Overall it is a really great experience to try while in Bangkok, and I hope this post encouraged you to give any cat cafe a try!

Directions to Caturday Café

This is the Google Maps version of how to get to the Caturday Cafe. Google Maps in Thailand isn’t always extremely accurate, and in this case it is wrong. I drew in red the actual way to get there Yes the road does exist, just not on Google Maps. It is a 2-3 minute walk from the station!!

Cat Café Photos