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Hola! Poom and I went to the new Mermaid Castle Cafe in Bangkok. I’m going to talk about the cafe, the location, and our experience there.

Location- This Cafe is located in Siam Square. It is walking distance from the Siam BTS station, exit #2.

Since this cafe is new and very popular there is usually a bit of a wait to get in. When Poom and I went at opening time, and there were maybe 10 people ahead of us, and we still ended up waiting 45 minutes. Since Poom and I have Thai phone numbers, we were able to leave our phone number and they would call us when it was our turn. Those who don’t have a Thai number to give them, end up waiting outside the cafe in the heat.  The hours to this cafe are 11:30am- 9:00pm. Although we were at the door by 11:30, they were still setting things up, and not letting customers in for about another half hour.

As you enter the cafe you will find lots of mermaid themed clothes, jewelry, makeup, and other memorabilia. This cafe is 4 stories high. The first 3 floors are merchandise, the 4th floor is the cafe. This cafe does not have an elevator, so it is not wheelchair accessible. Once you get to the top floor you will be handed a menu, then order and pay for your food and drinks. Then you will be escorted to your seats. On the table there is a mermaid tail you can take pictures with while you wait for your food.

The Food- Poom and I ordered a cupcake, a waffle with ice cream, and a blue Hawaiian soda. It took about 20 minutes to get our food. Most of the food here is dessert food like cake and ice cream. They also have a small selection of food, such as chicken and fries. Overall the things we ordered didn’t really taste great. The cupcake was my least favorite, it was hard, didn’t have any flavor to it, and the icing was like pure sugar. The Hawaiian soda tasted pretty good, similar to other drinks I’ve had here in Thailand. The waffle with ice cream and bananas was our favorite.

The Shopping- We were too cheap to buy anything. Poom was too embarrassed to be shopping at a mermaid cafe, so I just looked around at all the merchandise and we left haha. Although there are tons of clothes and shoes, be aware that they are sized in Asian sizes.. so SMALL. And some are the “Free Size” which is equivalent to “One size fits all.” So always check the size first. I don’t believe they allow you to try it on, a lot of small shops in Thailand do not. So you have to just make your best judgement weather it will fit or not.

Overall Impression- We were not blown away with this cafe. There is not much room to take pictures to share with your family and friends. In the cafe the air conditioning is not very good, which Poom gets super irritated when it’s too hot. The cafe employees were having to go as fast as they can to keep up, meanwhile there were like 4 employees on each floor watching people shop, and making sure people don’t shoplift. I think if they put as much work into making the cafe great, as they did making the store look great- it would be an awesome cafe. I would suggest this cafe to anyone with children, really loves mermaids, or anyone who needs something to do on a rainy day in Bangkok. If you really aren’t into mermaids, there are plenty of other novelty cafes to go to.

If you want to check out their Facebook page to see more information and reviews, click on the Facebook icon.



Mermaid Castle Cafe