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As many of you may know Poom and I recently fostered and adopted 2 wonderful kittens! I wanted to write this article to tell you all about this fun journey!


So I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I saw an advertisement for a Paws Bangkok page. It had a cute picture of a cat on it and I was interested so I liked the page. Soon after I liked it a post came up asking for people to foster some kittens! So I quickly sent them a message and got all the pick up details set up!


Around 2pm on October 4th, I took the BTS Skytrain to Thong Lor station and walked to the Sukhumvit Veterinarian to get our kittens! At the time I did not know what to expect, what they would look like or what condition they would be in. I was just super excited to get there, see them, and bring them home!


I waited for awhile and the veterinarian came back with 2 cat carriers, some formula, and antibiotics they were on at the time. I peaked in at them to see what they looked like and they were both black kittens with pretty blue eyes! It was now my job to get them home! Animals are not allowed on the train so that was not an option. There was traffic so there was no way I wanted to pay for a taxi. So I ordered a Lyft and was able to get them home safely! They meowed most of the car ride.. Sorry Lyft driver haha.


Once I arrived with them at home it was time for me to feed them for the first time. The vet did not give me very clear instructions on how often and how much.. So I was basically winging it. I was able to find information online about how much to feed each age group, and it seemed to work well. When I first got them Melon was around 1-2 weeks old, and Pumpkin was about 3-4 weeks they think! So I was feeding them every two hours for about the first two weeks or so. This feeding schedule made me very…exhausted to say the least, but I also knew I was doing a good thing helping them grow!


To be continued…