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Hello again! Today I’m writing and giving information on one of the most luxurious things in Thailand- McDelivery!

A lot of U.S food chains that don’t deliver in the U.S, do deliver in Thailand. KFC, and Burger King also deliver. Many many other places can be delivered to by using the Food Panda website or UberEats.

So I usually order McDonalds online. I’ll have photos that explain how to do it below. But for the most part it is very very easy and self explanatory. You will need to set up an account the first time you order. They have you put in your phone number, address, and name. Then you can start ordering. You can order breakfast or dinner at all times of day. And McDelivery is available 24 hours a day. So once you choose the items you want, you go to checkout. There you will confirm your meal and address, and also choose your form of payment. You can do debit/credit card online, or pay in Thai baht cash. The delivery fee is 40 baht, so just a little over a dollar.

There is another option to call in your McDelivery order by phone if you have a working Thai cell phone number. I have not done this yet, mostly because I am not sure if they will understand my English, and because I’m really indecisive about ordering food. The number you dial for that is 1711.

After you place your order you will get a confirmation email. You can track your delivery online on their website. I have had 1 bad experience with McDelivery before, where I ordered food and it never showed up. But then I look on the tracking and it said “Order Complete, Delivered.” So I emailed their contact email, I never got a response, but a week later I noticed they refunded my card the money back. Majority of their drivers do not speak much English, most know just the basics. Tipping your delivery guy is not necessary or normal in Thailand, the only time I would tip, is if it was pouring rain outside then I’d feel too bad not to.

The food tastes pretty much the same as if you were going to McDonald’s to eat the food. I was even able to order a McFlurry and have it delivered in a bag of ice.

Overall McDelivery is really convenient, and also very fast. I would recommend it!